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An Exploration of Stigma in the Lives of Sex Offenders and Heroin Abusers - 2014-10.htm
Journal09/10/2014 9:20 PM
Analyzing media representations of mental illness - Lessons learnt from a national project - Informa - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 3:31 AM
Attitudes toward hiring applicants with mental illness and criminal justice involvement - 2014-03.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:32 AM
Changing Stigma through a Consumer-Based Stigma Reduction Program - 2014-05.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:33 AM
Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information in Mental Health Context - 2009.pdf
Presentation12/10/2014 3:33 AM
Community Violence Perpetration and Victimization among Adults with Mental Illnesses - 2013-09.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:33 AM
Conceptions of Mental Illness - Attitudes of Mental Health Professionals and the General Public - 2014-04.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:34 AM
Conditional release and human rights in Canada - 2012.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 3:34 AM
Determinants of mental illness stigma for adolescents discharged from psychiatric hospitalization - 2014-05.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:34 AM
Differential stigmatizing attitudes of healthcare professionals towards psychiatry and patients with MH problems - 2014.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:34 AM
Discrimination against people with a mental health diagnosis - qualitative analysis of reported experiences - 2014-03.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:35 AM
Endorsed and Anticipated Stigma Inventory - Tool assessing beliefs about MI and MH treatment - 2014-02.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 3:35 AM
Erasing Stigma Is Much More Than Changing Words.htm
Journal24/10/2014 11:57 PM
Gun Policy and Serious Mental Illness - Priorities for Future Research and Policy - 2014-01-01.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 3:53 AM
Honor and the Stigma of Mental Healthcare - Abstract - 2014-09.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:53 AM
How Does Direct to Consumer Advertising Affect the Stigma of Mental Illness - 2014-02.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 3:54 AM
Illness Labels and Social Distance.htm
Journal28/10/2014 9:52 AM
Influence of Race on Outpatient Commitment and Assertive Community Treatment for Persons With SMI - 2012.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 3:54 AM
Intergroup Contact and Prejudice against People with Schizophrenia - 2014-04.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:55 AM
Is program structure related to stigma and community acceptance of justice - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 3:55 AM
Law and Psychiatry - Assisting People in Recovery Who Have Criminal Records to Reach Their Employment Goals - 2014-04.htm
Journal12/10/2014 3:56 AM
Managing a stigmatized identity - evidence from a longitudinal analysis about people with mental illness - 2014-02.htm
Journal12/10/2014 4:17 AM
Mental disorders and vulnerability to homicidal death - Swedish nationwide cohort study - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:17 AM
Mental Health First Aid is an effective public health intervention for improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour - 2014.htm
Journal12/10/2014 4:19 AM
Mental illness stigma in health care settings a barrier to care - CMAJ - 2013-11-28.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:19 AM
Mental Illness Stigma Reduction Interventions - Review of Intervention Trials - 2012.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:19 AM
Modifying attitudes to mental health using comedy as a delivery medium - 2014-04.htm
Journal12/10/2014 4:20 AM
Navigating the job search after incarceration - the experiences of work-release participants - 2014-08.htm
Journal12/10/2014 4:20 AM
Negative Impact of Self-Stigmatization on Attitude Toward Medication Adherence in Patients with Psychosis.htm
Journal23/10/2014 5:23 AM
Perceived and anticipated discrimination in people with mental illness - An interview study - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:43 AM
Personal Accounts - How I Learned to Live With Schizophrenia.htm
Journal25/10/2014 12:11 AM
Profile of Waterloo-Wellington HSJCC - Updater - 2008-10.pdf
Document12/10/2014 3:09 AM
Public perceptions of risk in criminality - The effects of mental illness and social disadvantage - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:49 AM
Public perceptions of stigma towards people with schizophrenia.htm
Journal29/10/2014 5:46 AM
Randomized Study of Different Anti-Stigma Media - 2008.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:44 AM
Risk Assessment in Mental Health Care - Values and Costs - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:42 AM
“Schizophrenia” in the Australian print and online news media - 2013.pdf
Journal23/10/2014 4:00 AM
Social dangerousness, incurability in schizophrenia - Results of educational intervention for medical, psychology students.htm
Journal23/10/2014 4:01 AM
Predictors of stigma resistance in persons with schizophrenia - 2014-01.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 4:41 AM
Stigma and disclosing one’s mental illness to family and friends - 2014-04.htm
Journal12/10/2014 1:18 AM
Stigma and expressed emotions - a study of people with severe psychiatric illnesses and their family members.htm
Journal23/10/2014 5:19 AM
Stigma, agency and recovery amongst people with severe mental illness - 2014-04.htm
Journal12/10/2014 1:19 AM
Stigma, discrimination and medication adherence in schizophrenia - Results from the Swedish COAST study.htm
Journal29/10/2014 6:33 AM
Stigma, Discrimination, Treatment Effectiveness, and Policy - Public Views about Drug Addiction and Mental Illness.htm
Journal25/10/2014 12:15 AM
Stigma - a Unique Source of Distress for Family Members of Individuals with Mental Illness - 2014-08.htm
Journal12/10/2014 4:50 AM
Stigmatization of psychiatrists and general practitioners.htm
Journal23/10/2014 6:44 AM
Stigmatized among the Stigmatized - Sex Offenders in Canadian Penitentiaries.htm
Journal23/10/2014 5:29 AM
Symptoms, stigma, or secondary social disruption - Three mechanisms of network dynamics in severe mental illness - 2013-05.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 1:20 AM
The effectiveness of an anti-stigma intervention in a basic police officer training programme - 2014.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 1:24 AM
The horror at Fort Hood - disseminating American exceptionalism - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 1:31 AM
The impact of an educational mental health intervention on adolescents' perceptions of mental illness - 2014-03.htm
Journal12/10/2014 1:32 AM
The impact of community notification on the management of sex offenders in the community - 2014-08.htm
Journal12/10/2014 1:34 AM
The Impact of Mental Illness Stigma on Seeking and Participating in Mental Health Care.htm
Journal23/10/2014 12:54 PM
Influence of neighborhood on police officers' encounters w persons suspected to have a serious mental illness - 2014.htm
Journal12/10/2014 4:50 AM
The Patient's View - Issues of theory and practice - 2008.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 1:35 AM
The stigmatization of problem drug users - A narrative literature review - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 1:36 AM
Trends in newspaper coverage of mental illness in Canada - 2005-2010 - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 1:37 AM
Triple Stigma of Forensic Psychiatric Patients - Mental Illness, Race, and Criminal History - 2014-03.htm
Journal12/10/2014 1:39 AM
Validation of a brief implicit association test of stigma - schizophrenia and dangerousness - 2014-10.htm
Journal12/10/2014 1:40 AM
Well-Being among Persons at Risk of Psychosis - The Role of Self-Labeling, Shame, and Stigma Stress - 2014-04.htm
Journal12/10/2014 1:41 AM
Zombies, Drugs, and Florida Weirdness - 2013.pdf
Journal12/10/2014 12:57 AM