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A Longitudinal Examination of Secondary Traumatic Stress among Law Enforcement.htm
Journal26/10/2014 7:07 AM
A Phenomenological Psychological Study of the Police Officer’s Lived Experience of the Use of Deadly Force - 2014-04.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 2:47 AM
Addictions, Mental Health and Police Records - Impact of non-conviction records, issues and solutions - 2013.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 2:47 AM
Aggressive Policing and the Mental Health of Young Urban Men.htm
Journal23/10/2014 2:43 AM
An Agenda for Advancing Research on Crisis Intervention Teams for Mental Health Emergencies - 2014-04.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:48 AM
An exploration of attitudes and support needs of police officer negotiators involved in suicide negotiation.htm
Journal26/10/2014 7:23 AM
Balancing Individual Safety, Community Safety, and Quality of Life - 2014-08.pdf
Report13/10/2014 2:48 AM
Characteristics of Patients Referred to Psychiatric Emergency Services by CIT Police Officers - 2010-12.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:49 AM
Chatham-Kent Police Service - Mentally Ill or Emotionally Disturbed Persons.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:49 AM
Collaborating With Police in the Emergency Department While Maintaining Patient Confidentiality.htm
Journal27/05/2015 6:37 AM
Collaboration for Best Practice Interventions - From Youth to Senior - 2013.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 2:49 AM
Collingwood Protocol regarding response to Mental Health Act incidents - 2012.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:49 AM
Contemporary Policing Guidelines for Working with the Mental Health System - 2006.pdf
Report13/10/2014 2:49 AM
Cops and cameras - Officer perceptions of the use of body-worn cameras in law enforcement.htm
Journal26/10/2014 5:16 AM
Co-responding Police-Mental Health Programs - A Review.htm
Journal23/10/2014 9:34 AM
Cornwall Emergency Mental Health Response Protocol - 2005.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:49 AM
Crime, costs, and well-being - policing Canadian Aboriginal communities.htm
Journal26/10/2014 1:31 AM
De-escalation in Police Encounters with Emotionally Disturbed Persons.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Design of an algorithm to identify persons with mental illness in a police administrative database - 2005.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Development of the interRAI Brief Mental Health Screener.pdf
Presentation28/01/2015 1:20 PM
Do More Police Lead to More Crime Deterrence - 2014-08.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Do prior histories of violence and mental disorders impact on violent behaviour during encounters with police - 2014-07.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Dryden - Mental Health Act Form 1 Protocol.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:50 AM
East Algoma (North East Region) Policy on Incidents under the Mental Health Act.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Emerging Issues in Our Aging Population - Discussion of Mental Health and Legal Issues Affecting Our Clients 2012.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 2:50 AM
ER doctors stress need for good communications with police.htm
News Release27/05/2015 6:42 AM
Essex County (West Region) - MOU - 2012.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Evaluating Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams in Toronto - News Release - 2014-04-15.htm
News Release13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Evaluation of a violence risk (threat) assessment training program for police - 2011.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Examining the Role of Static and Dynamic Risk Factors in the Prediction of Inpatient Violence - 2008.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 2:50 AM
Exposure to extraorganizational stressors - Impact on MH and organizational perceptions for police officers - 2014.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:50 AM
General strain theory, exposure to violence, and suicide ideation among police officers - A gendered approach.htm
Journal26/10/2014 5:12 AM
Grand River Hospital Mental Health Manual - 2009.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Grey Bruce Health Network and Police Services Committee Terms of Reference (West Region) - 2009.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Halton - 1 District - Processing Mental Health Apprehensions.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Halton - Management of Patients in Police Supervision or Custody in ED - 2011.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Halton Crisis Protocol.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Hearst, Kapuskasing, Smooth Rock Falls Protocol - 2012 - French.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Helping Persons with Mental Illness - Partnerships between Police and Mobile Crisis Units.htm
Journal26/10/2014 7:16 AM
Journal01/03/2015 3:47 AM
HSJCC13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Provincial HSJCC Police-MH Education Call For Information - 2011-08-15.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 2:51 AM
HSJCC Webinar - A Conversation with Toronto Deputy Police Chief Mike Federico - 2014-03-28.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 2:51 AM
Identifying Vulnerable Seniors - An In-the-field Screening Tool for Police Officers.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 2:52 AM
Inquest into the Deaths of Reyal Jardine-Douglas, Sylvia Klibingaitis and Michael Eligon - Jury Verdict - 2014-02.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:52 AM
Just Following Orders - A Meta-Analysis of the Correlates of American Police Officer Use of Force Decisions.htm
Journal28/10/2014 2:15 AM
Lanark County LEAD Team Protocol - 2012.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:52 AM
Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Mental Health Crisis Response Protocols - 2003.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:52 AM
Latest methods to reduce suicide risk after psychiatric hospitalization - Behavioral Healthcare - 2012.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 2:52 AM
Law Enforcement and Mental Health  A Community-Wide Collaborative Strategy (Council of State Governments).pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 2:53 AM
Lennox and Addington LEAD Team Protocol - 2011.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:54 AM
Mental Health Adult Pre-Charge Diversion Program Webinar - 2015-03-26.htm
HSJCC30/03/2015 9:51 AM
Mental Health Adult Pre-Charge Diversion Webinar Slides - 2015-03-26.pdf
Presentation30/03/2015 9:48 AM
Mental health and custody - a follow on study - 2012.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 2:54 AM
Mental Illness, Criminalization and Immigration Law - 2010-03-24.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 2:54 AM
MHCC Report Outlines Training, Education Recommendations to Improve Interactions btwn Police and People w MI - 2014.htm
News Release13/10/2014 2:54 AM
C4 - MCIT - Development, Evaluation of Toronto’s Co-Responding Police Mental Health Service Team - 2015-11-17.pdf
Presentation23/11/2015 2:51 AM
Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (Hamilton) Webinar - 2015-06-26.pdf
Presentation29/06/2015 1:21 PM
Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (Hamilton) Webinar - 2015-06-26.htm
HSJCC29/06/2015 1:28 PM
Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (M.C.R.R.T) in Hamilton.htm
HSJCC17/12/2014 3:33 PM
MOU between Muskoka-Parry Sound Comm MH Service and Bracebridge OPP - 2003.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:54 AM
New Directions in Policing - Balancing Prediction and Meaning in Police Research - 2014-03.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:56 AM
Norfolk (West Region) - Mental Health Information and Flowchart.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:56 AM
Not just another call - police response to people with mental illnesses in Ontario - 2004.pdf
Report13/10/2014 2:56 AM
Officers as Mirrors - Policing, Procedural Justice and the (Re)Production of Social Identity - 2014-05.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:56 AM
Ontario Police Emergency Department Protocols - 2013.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:56 AM
OPP launch brief mental health screener for frontline officers - Press Release - 2014-05-08.htm
News Release13/10/2014 2:56 AM
Partnering With Police to effectively de-escalate people in mental health crisis.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Patient Referred to ED by Law Enforcement - MOHLTC Special Project 270.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Patients Brought to hospital under Mental Health Act by Hamilton Police.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Perceived stress among police officers.htm
Journal26/10/2014 1:39 AM
Perceptions and experiences of people with mental illness regarding their interactions with police - 2014-07.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:58 AM
HSJCC13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police - Community Response Algorithm for At-Risk Seniors with Dementia.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police and Mental Health - A Critical Review of Joint Police-Mental Health Collaborations in Ontario - 2011.pdf
HSJCC09/10/2014 9:05 AM
Police discretion and encounters with people experiencing mental illness - 2010.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police Encounters Involving Citizens with Mental Illness - Use of Resources and Outcomes - 2014-04.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police call for de-emphasizing the role of police in MH and Addiction issues - OACP - 2011-06-30.pdf
News Release13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police Mental Health Apprehension Template - Pembroke, Deep River, Arnprior.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police Observation Form - Transfer of Care.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police officer perceptions of the impact of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs - 2014-03.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:58 AM
Police Responses in Officer-Involved Violent Deaths - Suicide by Cop vs Non-Suicide by Cop Incidents - 2014-03.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:59 AM
Police safe beds survey - 2008.pdf
Document13/10/2014 2:59 AM
Police use of TASER devices in mental health emergencies - A review - 2014-07.htm
Journal13/10/2014 2:59 AM
Police, the Emergency Department, and the Suicidal Patient - 2007.pdf
Report13/10/2014 3:00 AM
Provincial HSJCC Police-MH Education Directory Project Charter - 2011-07-05.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:00 AM
Policing ‘Vancouver’s mental health crisis’ - a critical discourse analysis.htm
Journal01/03/2015 4:07 AM
Policing and the surveillance of the marginal - Everyday contexts of social control - 2013-07.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Pretrial court diversion of people with mental illness - 2007.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Procedural justice policing and citizen compliance behaviour - the importance of emotion - 2014-09.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Protocol between Police and Arnprior Hospital With respect to the Transportation of Mental Health Patients.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:01 AM
J5 - Provincial Approach to Community Safety and Well-Being - 2015-11-17.pdf
Presentation23/11/2015 1:29 AM
Provincial HSJCC Police-MH Project Charter - 2010-04-30.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Psychiatric symptoms and histories among people detained in police cells - 2011.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Rainy River District (North West Region) - MHA Form 1 Protocol - 2012.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Renfrew (East Region) - LEAD Team Protocol - 2007.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Report of the Ontario Human Rights Commission on Police Use of Force and Mental Health - 2014-02.htm
Report13/10/2014 3:01 AM
Scarborough Hospital - Police, Ambulance, Corrections, Hospital Liaison Committee Terms of Reference - 2011.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Social Withdrawal and Violence - Newtown, Connecticut - NEJM - 2012-12-28.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Stop automatically disclosing suicide attempts - privacy czar to cops - Global News - 2014-04-14.htm
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Strategies for Implementing Effective Police-Emergency Department Protocols in Ontario.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Strategies for Implementing Effective Police-Emergency Department Protocols in Ontario Webinar - 2013-03-28.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Strategies for Implementing Effective Police-Emergency Department Protocols in Ontario Webinar - Flyer 2013-03-28.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Strategies to Implement Effective Police-ED Protocols - 2013-03-29.htm
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Study in Blue and Grey - Police Interventions with People with Mental Illness - CMHA-BC - 2003.pdf
Report13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Sudbury Crisis Intervention Services - An Innovative Community-based model - 2013.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Sudbury Emergency Mental Health Response Protocol - 2010.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:02 AM
Suicide by cop.htm
Journal25/10/2014 11:42 PM
Template Handover Protocol for Patients Brought to ER by Police.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:04 AM
TEMPO - A contemporary model for police education and training about mental illness - 2014-04.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
The effectiveness of an anti-stigma intervention in a basic police officer training programme - 2014.pdf
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
The frequency and nature of resolution of potential police provoked shooting encounters - 2014-07.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Influence of neighborhood on police officers' encounters w persons suspected to have a serious mental illness - 2014.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
The Police - Mental Health Liaison Website.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:04 AM
The police, social services and psychiatry cooperation in Denmark - 2014-03.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
The Police-Based Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Model I. Effects on Officers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills - 2014-04.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
The Police-Based Crisis Intervention Team Model II. Effects on Level of Force and Resolution, Referral, and Arrest - 2014.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Timmins - CMHA-SCAS-TPS Protocol - 2011.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Timmins - Mobile Crisis Service Intervention - Protocol Service Agreement - 2013.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Toronto - Hospital Protocol Working Group - Minutes 2012-03-08.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Toronto - Scarborough Hospital - Police Releasing Custody to Facility - 2010.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Toronto Acute Care Alliance - Toronto ER Stats - 2012.pdf
Report13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Toronto Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (MCIT) Program Implementation Evaluation Final Report 2014-04.pdf
Report13/10/2014 3:04 AM
K - Toronto Police Service Response to Emotionally Disturbed Persons - Chris Boddy - 2015-11-16.pdf
Presentation23/11/2015 12:41 AM
Trends in Police Contact with Persons with Mental Illness - London Police Service - 2013.pdf
Report13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Trends in Police Contact with Persons with Mental Illness - London Police Service - Presentation - 2013.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Understanding how police officers think about mental-emotional disturbance calls - 2014-07.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Unique study asks those with mental illness about experiences with police - MHCC - 2010.pdf
News Release13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Use of Force - Just the Facts - Video - Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police - 2014-04-07.htm
News Release13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Using Simulation to Engage Police in Learning about Mental Illness - The Impact of Realism on the Learning Process.pdf
HSJCC13/10/2014 3:04 AM
Voices from the Field - Lessons Learned from Law Enforcement Mental Health Partnerships.pdf
Presentation13/10/2014 3:04 AM
What Influences Perceptions of Procedural Justice among People w MI Regarding Interactions with Police - 2014-03.htm
Journal13/10/2014 3:05 AM
William Osler Health System Mental Health, Emergency, Police and Security Liaison Committee Terms of Reference - 2013.pdf
Document13/10/2014 3:05 AM
T1 - Working Together to Improve Services for Those Experiencing Mental Health Crisis - MCRRT - 2015-11-18.pdf
Presentation23/11/2015 2:40 AM