The interplay of rural issues, mental illness, substance use and housing problems



Rebecca Jones, Andrea Reupert, Keith Sutton, and Darryl Maybery

Journal of Mental Health

September 22, 2014



Background: People with mental illness and substance use problems form a significant subgroup of the homeless population. International research has begun to document the complex experiences of this vulnerable group; however, less attention has focused on those living in rural areas.

Aim: This study sought to determine the experiences of people with mental illness and/or substance use issues, experiencing significant housing problems in rural areas.

Methods: Within a qualitative framework, individual interviews were conducted with 40 respondents in Australia.

Results: Themes generated a discussion around three main areas; (1) current housing problems, (2) pathways into unsuitable housing, and (3) factors contributing to appropriate accommodation.

Conclusion: The need for agency staff to identify and assist with the housing issues of their clients is underscored.





Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee