Traumatic Brain Injury and Early Life Experiences among Men and Women in a Prison Population



Angela Colantonio, Hwan Kim, Stefan Allen, Mark Asbridge, Josian Petgrave, Serge Brochu

Journal of Correctional Health Care

October 2014




This study examined the proportion of men and women reporting previous traumatic brain injury (TBI) in an Ontario (Canada) prison sample by demographic characteristics; adverse life experiences; and criminal, drug, and alcohol use history. Using data from The Cost of Substance Abuse in Canada study based on a random sample from four Ontario prisons, this study found 50.4% of males and 38% of females reporting previous TBI. More TBIs occurred before the first crime for women than for men. Women with TBI experienced more early physical and sexual abuse than those without TBI. Additionally, this study shows high prevalence of early life experiences among persons, particularly women, with a history of TBI. Prisoners and prison staff should be educated on TBI and best practice for rehabilitation of TBI.








Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee