Linking probation clients with mainstream health services

Experience in an outer London borough



Nicola Lang, Andrew Hillas, Mervyn Mensah, Sigrid Ryan, Leah Glass

Probation Journal

September 2014



In 2011, Hounslow public health opened a dialogue with probation, asking what the obstacles were, in terms of access to healthcare. The first issue raised was a difficulty in clients registering with a GP practice. This formed the start of a robust partnership between probation, public health, the forensic mental health practitioner, GPs and community health services. The health and well-being initiatives have included GP registration, with 10 dedicated practices for probation and Drug Intervention Programme clients, in-house stop smoking support, and the start of a health trainer scheme. This work will help to reduce health inequalities in a marginalized and underserved group and also meet the goals for both public health and criminal justice agencies








Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee