Patient Focus Group Responses to Peer Mentoring in a High-Security Hospital




Bettina Böhm, Emily Glorney, James Tapp, John Carthy, Jimmy Noak & Estelle Moore

International Journal of Forensic Mental Health

August 30, 2014




Peer mentoring programs in secure hospitals have attracted limited attention despite reported benefits of similar schemes within other mental health and prison services. High-secure hospital patient perspectives (N = 17) on the concept of peer mentoring and the implications for establishing a peer support scheme were investigated via focus groups. Thematic analysis of discussions generated five themes: how to meet the adjustment and support needs of a peer; differences between mentoring and other relationships; mentoring by peers within a secure setting; expectations of a mentor's skills to meet the challenges of mentoring; and ownership of a mentoring scheme. The need to offset risk management against the potential benefits of peer support for a population excluded on the basis of risk is reviewed throughout.









Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee