Gendered Pathways to Crime Webinar


Presented April 30, 2015



This webinar explores the role that a history of victimization or mental health issues play in the responses of women to a correctional environment, and to the nature of the programming that women require.


Learning Objectives:

Understanding the different pathways to crime that related to gender

Understanding and addressing the differences needs/risk of females in the criminal justice system to better develop programming for women

Understanding the research and evidence to promote gender responsive services in community corrections



Heather Lumley, MA, Executive Director of St. Leonard's Community Services, London and Region.

Heather has over 15 years of experience in working with individuals with the full spectrum of mental health and addictions issues in community and hospital settings. She strives to improve collaboration and integration of services in our communities across the multi- sectors of care to promote positive change in all individuals.


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