Effect of Victim-Offender Mediation versus Dispositions on Youth Recidivism: The Role of Risk Level




Lidón Villanueva PhD, Pilar Jara PhD & Arantxa García-Gomis MA

Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice

11 Sep 2014






The objective was to determine the efficacy of the victim-offender mediation (VOM) procedure in addressing recidivism. Altogether, 210 juvenile offenders (14–18 years old) participated in four different types of educational interventions: VOM as a diversion procedure, and case closure, reprimand, and community service as dispositions. Results showed the lack of any clear differences in recidivism rates between victim-offender mediation and the rest of the groups. An increase of the rate of recidivism could be observed in VOM at 12 months and in case closure at 24 months, as level of risk increases.









Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee