Exploring the Effect of Organizational Culture on Consumer Perceptions of Agency Support for Mental Health Recovery



Laurene Clossey, David Rheinheimer

Community Mental Health Journal

May 2014, Volume 50, Issue 4, pp 427-434






This research explores the impact of mental health agency culture on consumers’ perceptions of agency support for their recovery. This study hypothesized that a constructive organizational culture must be present for consumers to perceive agency support for recovery. A sample of 12 mental health agencies in rural Pennsylvania participated in the research. Agency administrators completed an instrument called the recovery oriented service environment, which measured the number of recovery model program components offered by the agency. Consumers completed the recovery oriented services indicators, which taps into their perception of agency support for recovery. Direct service staff completed the organizational social context, which measured their agency’s culture. Results showed that in this sample stronger consumer perceptions of agency support for recovery were correlated with higher ratings of agency constructive culture. The results suggest that agency culture is an important variable to target when implementing recovery model programming.