Influence of Three Interventions on Group Participation in an Acute Psychiatric Facility





Sandra M. Whisner, Laurie D. Stelter & Sally Schultz

Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 11 Mar 2014

Volume 30, Issue 1, 2014



In this article the authors present a comparison of three modes of group-based intervention within an acute psychiatric facility. The group-based interventions were: (1) verbal discussion, (2) verbal discussion with a psychoeducation component, and (3) verbal discussion and psychoeducation within a therapeutically designed occupational environment. Outcome measures were group member participation, perceived social support, and perceived helpfulness of intervention. Researchers conducted retrospective analysis of group records to determine if differences existed among the three modes of interventions. Analysis revealed a significant difference in participation among the interventions. Perceived social support and helpfulness of intervention were high, but not statistically significant among the interventions.