Adequacy of Help Received Among Individuals with Severe Mental Disorders



Marie-Josée Fleury, Guy Grenier, Jean-Marie Bamvita, Myra Piat, Jacques Tremblay

Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research

May 2014, Volume 41, Issue 3, pp 302-316



Using multiple linear regression analyses and a new assessment measure, this exploratory study identifies variables associated with help adequacy of 352 individuals with severe mental disorder. Help adequacy is higher with tobacco use, psychological distress domain, having a caregiver, help form services, being older, and lower with number of needs; accommodation, food, childcare and involvement in treatment decisions domains; number of suicide attempts, legal problems in previous year, and drugs problem. Results confirm the importance of a better collaboration with relatives, healthcare and social service providers to provide more adequate and satisfactory services for severe mental disorders individuals.