Additional clinical benefits of home-based telemental health treatments



Pruitt, Larry D.; Luxton, David D.; Shore, Peter

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice

October 2014


Home-based telemental health (HBTMH) has several important benefits for both patients and clinical practitioners including improved access to services, convenience, flexibility, and potential cost savings. HBTMH also has the potential to offer additional clinical benefits that are not realized with traditional in-office alternatives. Through a review of the empirical literature, this article presents and evaluates evidence of the clinical benefits and limitations of HBTMH. Particular topics include treatment attendance and satisfaction, social support, access to contextual information, patient and practitioner safety, and concerns about privacy and stigma. By making use of commonly available communication technologies, HBTMH affords opportunities to bridge gaps in care to meet current and future mental health care needs. 





Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee