Mental Health Screening Outcomes among Justice-Involved Youths under Community Supervision




Warren A. Reich

Journal of Offender Rehabilitation

Volume 53, Issue 3, 2014

04 Apr 2014



The DISC Predictive Scales was administered to 812 New York City youths aged 1019 placed under community supervision. Approximately half were indicated for possible mental health problems, most frequently mania and posttraumatic stress disorder. Girls were more likely than boys to flag on most disorders. Hierarchical Classes analysis produced five clusters: disruptive behavior, relational distress, marijuana, emotional dysregulation, and specific phobia. Posttraumatic stress disorder and mania were comorbid with all clusters except marijuana. Emotional dysregulation predicted higher, but relational distress predicted lower, risk for rearrest. Marijuana predicted failure to appear in court and receiving a final disposition of placement.