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 Welcome to York-South Simcoe Committee


What is the HSJCC?
The Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee of York Region-
South Simcoe is a regional committee that seeks to coordinate resources and services for people who 17.jpg
are in conflict with the law, and who struggle with a serious mental illness, developmental disability, acquired brain injury, drug and alcohol addiction, and/or fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. (now referred to as alcohol-related neuro-developmental disorder (ARND).  The committee works to enhance public safety, improve resource utilization and greater access to quality services for people.​ 


1. To identify both service and service coordination gaps at the local level.

2. To establish a continuum of care delivery model through partnership agreements and


3. To coordinate and facilitate communication, joint problem-solving and planning

efforts among health (including mental health and addictions), criminal justice,

developmental service, and social service organizations;

4. To develop creative local solutions to problems or issues through more effective

service coordination.


1. To review existing and establish new protocols with HSJCC member agencies as the need arises.

2. To identify and advocate for changes to improve the experience of individuals who

come into contact with the justice system, to prevent inappropriate entry into the system and

to advocate for appropriate supports and services.

3. To promote education and training for committee members and community partners;

4. To monitor progress and changes, and opportunities for collaboration in the both the Adult

Community Treatment Court and the Youth Community Treatment Court.

5. To promote and share emerging practices, regionally and provincially

6. To enhance consumer/peer participation in the committee structure.

7. To promote collaboration between Police and Mental Health/ Human Services; 

​For more information please review our Terms of Reference.