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The Northeast Local Health Services Integration Network describes our region as follows:
"The region is home to 550,000 residents over an area of 400,000 square kilometres. Our population
is dispersed: 60% live in four urban centres and 40% live in 162 small cities, towns, townships, 17.jpgvillage, municipalities, unorganized areas and First Nations.  Vibrant and distinct both culturally and linguistically, our region has the highest number of Francophones (at 24 % of the population) in the province and a significant number of Aboriginal and First Nation communities (10%)."
The region is made of the following Districts: Algoma, Cochrane, Manitoulin, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Sudbury, and Temiskaming.  It covers an area approximately from Parry Sound in the south, to the James Bay and Hudson Bay coasts in the north, the Quebec border in the east, and west to Lakes Huron and Superior.
The local HSJCC committees are based on these Districts: Algoma; Cochrane; Sudbury-Manitoulin; Nipissing; Parry Sound; and Temiskaming.‚Äč